(Let There Be) No Blank Paper


this is an interesting blog post worth reading for anyone who works in the commercial art industry (read it here). i do not work in the comics industry necessarily, so fortunately i haven’t ever received critiques of this kind (and hope to never receive them, because i would F R E A K  O U T). but i think it’s some pretty good food for thought about female representation in commercial art, also for me personally, since i have the tendency to draw a lot of the same types of people and am aspiring to draw more varied and diverse characters in the future. Not only to improve my skills, but to resist the mindset that there is only one way for an attractive/strong/interesting woman to look!


selkiesiun submitted:

This is not so much a critique post as it is a conformation of how absurd the standards of art in the comic book industry have become.

I traveled to San Diego Comic Con this year and participated in the portfolio reviews they where holding from Thursday to Sunday….

I think EVERYONE should read this article, regardless of interest, aspiration, or profession.  It’s just another example of the “false advertising” epidemic that is drowning our culture in a confidence-shattering ocean of unrealistic, nigh unattainable body aesthetics.

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